Norwegian Forest Cat

🐐 ralsei doll 🐐

made following Evano Crochet's pâquerette fête halloween pattern.

one of my favorite crochet dolls that I've made! his glasses are just made out of plyable craft wire.

note—while this pattern was originally available through the pattern-maker's blog, it now must be accessed through the Wayback Machine. written in French w/ French crochet acronyms, but not difficult at all to decipher by just plugging it into GoogleTranslate.

🌰 acorn bag 🌰

made following Karla Fitch's acorn bag pattern.

note—I used a larger crochet hook than specified to size the bag up. for the drawstring, I usually tucked the tails inside the bag after tightening so that they wouldn't dangle.

🐱 cat sweater 🐱

made following VivCrochet's vintage catghan sweater tutorial.

this pattern is customizable depending on what fit you prefer, although you truly need to eyeball it. for example, I made a longer torso and used a slightly larger crochet hook to get a baggier sweater.

🎸 kk slider amigurumi 🎸

made following Vivianne Russo's KK Slider pattern & Adriana Gori's guitar pattern.

the man, the myth, the legend! I made this fellow at the beginning of 2020, in early quarantine. he makes me smile.

( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

note—I slightly altered Russo's pattern to make KK's limbs a little longer, and lightly stuffed his limbs so that I could pose & secure them with same-colored yarn. his noggin is heavy, but he can sit propped against something!

🍓 radish bag 🍓

made following Dana B's two part strawberry backpack tutorial.

meant to be a strawberry, but mine turned out more like a radish... I like it anyway! used to use this bag to haul around my yarn skeins.

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