Norwegian Forest Cat


an A++ collection of customizable soundscapes for relaxation & sleep. some personal favorites of mine are the 'White Rain' & 'Twin Black Lodges' soundscapes. they also have a collection of soundscapes specifically for tinnitus relief, including a very unique-sounding 'Neuromodulator'.

Book Club Radio

a monthly NYC-based dance party, with fantastic themed sets & a love for music of previous decades. this channel keeps me from chewing my leg off during work. to just listen is fantastic, but with each video it's a blast to watch both the dj & partygoers around them dancing & having fun.

each meetup features several talented djs, but my personal favorite sets are those by the siblings Tinzo and Jojo.

The Messybeast

a MASSIVE collection of information on all things kitty-cat (and some on other animals, too)! cat-specific information may be found at the cat archive. their index on feline colors & fur types alone provides an enormous amount of interesting information for anyone interested in cats of all sorts ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Horse Coat Color Calculator

what it says on the tin! play around with different dominant & recessive genetic variants to see what color & coat patterns can be achieved.

so many beautiful honses ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

URSTYLE (Polyvore Clone)

while Polyvore may be gone, its spirit lives on. have fun creating outfits, style sheets, moodboards & etc on this Polyvore clone! I had some fun of my own creating some silly outfits based on rpgmaker game protagonists/pokemon. (。•̀ᴗ-)

Unfuck Your Habitat

a great resource for cleaning motivation. does an excellent job of breaking down the work into short-bursts of cleaning 'challenges' that help make staying on top of the mess much more do-able. they also have printable cleaning checklists to help with keeping track of which things need to be maintained week-to-week, and which things should be tackled on a monthly or seasonal basis.

I actually first started following UfYH yeeeears ago on their tumblr blog, where I found a lot of inspiration in reader-submitted before & after pictures.

TinEye (Superior Reverse Image Search)

want to reverse image search something, but frustrated with the way in which Google's sucks absolute ass? try TinEye, it works so much better!

I've chucked obscure meme images into this thing & have been happily surprised when it directed me to their actual origin on some defunct forum, someone's personal blog, etcetera.

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